A personal message from Bin-Fa inventor Ken Hodkinson

This latest version of the game, after two previous editions and forty-two years of development, represents a culmination of sorts.
It has been a burden and a joy to me through the decades, but a constant thread has been the conviction that the game was given to me for a purpose and that purpose is to promote Taoism.

            Accordingly, I am now turning my attention to the Taoist Arts foundation. It will own the copyright to Bin’Fa and will receive all income from its sales. Through the Bin-Fa Association, it will govern all aspects of Bin-Fa in the future. This will include keeping a register of members, organizing Bin-Fa competitions, and any other matters called for by the respective boards of directors. To keep informed of future developments get on our mailing list by sending us a note at info@bin-fa.com

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