Bin'Fa, Official Scoreboard

To Gamble or Not To Gamble…. Either way you can keep score!
Before play begins, participants can agree on a cost per unit of supplies, or simply agree to keep track of the number of supplies acquired. Then, as play proceeds, a record is kept of the supplies acquired by each player, excluding any stolen supplies (which are not recorded).  At the game’s conclusion, the numbers are added up and the loser agrees to pay the winner a sum equal to the number of supplies the loser acquired multiplied by whatever the agreed cost is. No credit is given for any unused supplies. 
       How Low Can You Go?
       If you follow the suggestion above and keep a record of supplies received, you might be led to wonder how your total compares with that of other players.  Submit your supply  record to to earn your spot on the Bin’Fa scoreboard. Keep track of the numbers to beat by checking the scoreboard area above to see how other Bin’Fa players are ranked.


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