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The Nerd Nighter's TV show invited games designer, Ken Hodkinson and his daughter, Erika Bird, to come on the show to talk about the 40 year histroy of Bin'fa and its fall Kickstarter campaign for the 2015 edition





'Bin'Fa: The Tao of War' in March

Ken Hodkinson has announced a new edition of the strategy war game Bin'Fa--The Tao of War, with plans to launch the game in March at the GAMA trade show (see "2015 GAMA Trade Show").  The game will be funded by a Kickstarter campaign in November.
The game was initially developed by Hodkinson in the late 1970s, based on Sun Tzu’s Art of War.  Avalon Hill published a version of the game, Hexagony, with development changes by Alan Moon.  The game never caught on, and Avalon Hill relinquished the copyright in 1986.  Hodkinson has continued to develop the game since then, releasing various versions over the years, including the Seacoast Tube Edition in 2000.

Players take the role of army generals in ancient China, out to capture and eliminate enemy forces.  Generals must keep supply lines open to each of their army units, because if a unit is cut off on all sides by the enemy, they are forced to surrender.   The new edition includes the addition of the General, Vortexes that allow player to move across the board in one move, and rule changes that govern the gathering of supplies.  The redesign also allows the separation of the triangle board pieces from their original hexagon shape, so that the modular pieces can be combined in various ways, altering the terrain for each new game.

The game is for 2 -6 players, ages 12 and up, and plays in 20 minutes to 2 hours.  MSRP is $37.95.  The Kickstarter, which will launch this month, has a retailer backer level for six copies of the game at trade discount.   Full article at:


Bin'Fa Inventor Announces Kickstarter Campaign for Game 40 Years in Development

Ken Hodkinson, the inventor of the abstract strategy board game Bin'Fa, the Tao of War, announced today that a fourth version of the classic game has gone into production, with a release date of February 2015.  The new version has many changes from those familiar with its previous incarnations, such as the addition of the General, Vortexes that allow you to traverse the board in one move, and the separation of the original hexagon shaped game board into six separate game board sections which offer almost limitless possibilities for new terrain each game. Kicking the release off will be a Kickstarter campaign this November 2014 designed to raise awareness within the gaming community and funds for production costs. Click here to support Bin'Fa through the Kickstarter campaign!  For more information about the latest version of Bin'Fa, view the short video, below:


A review from the GAMA show, Las Vegas - April 2013

Another presenter was brimming with both character and personality. Kenneth Hodkinson is the creator of Bin’fa, the Tao of War, which began in 1971, when he was working in a Massachusetts factory on a Davenport machine. He got to thinking and devised a strategy game with furious cavalry charges, promising that once a Bin’Fa game begins, “soon there’s blood on the floor.” Hodkinson got some friends to invest and had 500 copies of the game produced, submitting one to Avalon Hill after the creator of Mastermind, Roddy Sampson, said he loved the game. While it was initially rejected, Avalon Hill later picked the game up, releasing it as Hexagony, so-called because of the hexagonal nature of the playing board, and perhaps for the agonizing deliberation that confronts the game’s generals during gameplay.

Hodkinson provided an even richer, and more in-depth history of what would become Bin’fa, the Tao of War via a five-page handout passed out to the attending press. Fast forwarding to the present, the game is now played on six board tiles that can be arranged and re-arranged into a near-endless series of combinations. No game need ever be the same. Bin’fa has the look and feel of a classic abstract strategy game like Chess or Go, but also includes mechanics for supplies/logistics, terrain, and a general. In another modern twist, Bin’fa can also be played with vortex markers, allowing an army unit to teleport across the battlefield, further adding to its complexity.

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