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Bin'Fa, The Game of
Oriental Strategy & Conquest

Prepare to be transported back 2,300 years to ancient China. You are commanding an army. Your mission: the capture of enemy forces and their elimination. Your guide: Sun Tzu, a real life Chinese general and author of the classic Taoist treatise "The Art of War.”

As a commanding general, you must ensure a steady flow of supplies to your forces; you must navigate a mountainous terrain that changes with each game; you must learn to use the vortex judiciously; it can transport forces across the board in a single leap or it can send them to their doom! You can initiate a cavalry charge or take defensive action.   Each time you take possession of the dice, you must make decisions that may prove crucial, even fatal. The rules are simple, but success requires a complex set of skills involving mathematical ability and strategic savvy.


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All profits of Bin’Fa go to promote Taoism.   

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