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Bin'Fa, Complete Game, $37.95 + $13.45 s/h


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Bin'Fa, Deluxe Edition,
$52.95 + $13.45 s/h
(Includes Bin'Fa Enhancement Set)

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Already own Bin'Fa?  Get more out of your game with the new Game Enhancement Set!

Bin'Fa Enhancement Set: $15.99 + $6.45 s/h

Includes: 6 Mountain & 6 Vortex Markers: 6 Sets of Army Sticker Decals & Weather Die 

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The Bin'Fa Enhancement Set adds a whole aesthetic level of game play to Bin'Fa and a new rule! Apply the six sets of army decal markers to your army unit adds an artistic edge, while the 3D mountain terrain markers are an upgrade from the black checker pieces.  The Black Vortex Triangles are an upgrade for the white checker pieces, and the new Weather Die adds a new layer of strategic challenge to your gameplay. This new enhancement set adds a three dimensional aspect to the game, providing a a more visual playing experience. 

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